Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You're kidding me right now!?!?!

I am about to take out my wrath on the entire universe! I just wrote a 7 paragraph blog post on something that is like everything to me, it's a very special topic and it was ALMOST finished.. I just needed to check for typos when.. BAM!!! I hit the wrong key and the entire thing got deleted. I hate myself right now. -_____- I won't attempt to re-write that in quite awhile I don't think. Ughhhh. Just.... ughhh!

Hopefully the rest of my day is PERMANENTLY productive, lol.
And I hope you all have a lovely day too <3 p="p">
Amour toujours <3 p="p">Ally xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

O M G!

So it's been about 4 monthes since I last made a post about how I WASN'T going to abandon this thing. Oh well!

I really want to start using my blog more often.. I just have nothing to write about. I mean sure I could talk about the music I listen to, my inspiration from the band members, how important they are, how they're like.. everything to me... but who cares? I seem to be the only one who sees this bands as more then tunes, tees and concert tickets. Oh look.. I'm talking of random things again. :P

Well I'm on my mum's laptop and I have to get off.
We're going to watch a movie, I'll post something soon!!
Promise! c:

P.S. I just want to say.. you're beautiful. I know a lot of people are having self-loathing issues or a low self esteem. But you ARE beautiful, you ARE worth it and most of all... you're PERFECT at your PUREST. Stay that way. <3 p="p">

Amour toujours <3 p="p">Ally xx


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Lovlies!!! c:

A lot has happened since I last logged on to this poor site. I'm not neglecting you Blogger.. I promise I'm not! I just got busy, I guess. :p But seriously.. I've grown up quite a bit, the store has grown and my Mum is now the owner of a ning site, we've moved to an awesome house, I've sorta got back into scrapbooking, I'm writing songs, stories and poetry, and also.. my little sister and I are now inseperable! <3

Now, I'm not going to give an entire list of all my spelling and grammer mistakes in previous posts. Nor will I mention the mishaps as to what was funny and childish! But thats just it.. I was a child. Hahah! Only 13 and I thought I was sooooo funny with my exclamation points, random 'LOL' and the Jonas Brothers splashed everywhere. I am no longer a fan girl.. and I have a different taste in music now. I went from pop to metal or post-hardcore. However.. sometimes I actually miss being so young, haha!

So I'll be on here more often, just to write about anything. No point in just using it when I scrapbook because then I'd only use it once every blue moon.... which has already happened!

... Back to what I was originally going to say... I was excited to change this old thing! Plus, I have some pictures I could post.. and a layout in the making. :3 I'll get those up soon!! I'll also be getting the blinkies to my mum's website and ning site soon! .. I haven't figured out how to do them yet, lol. But for now her store is.. and! Please check them out!! There are tons of challenges and prizes on the ning.. and both members and designers are super nice and welcoming! :3

Goodbye my dears <3
Ally xx

P.s. So I changed my blog name from "Aly Kat's Designs" to "Best Kind Of Mess". And the reason for that is because of one of my many favorite songs.. "Mess" by Get Scared. The band name sounds creepy.. but it actually has a cool meaning, it's not a dark, scary band! lol. But the song "Mess" has always been my favorite because of the lyrics.. "How can I stop? When will I start learning? Will I come clean to say that I'm wrong? I'm the best kind of mess." and what I get out of the lyrics is that.. even though people make mistakes that they don't know how to fix, everyone tries to be the best they can be.. even if they're a mess. So I choose it to remind me to be my very best.. regardless of what mess I may end up making. And whether I say the wrong thing to someone I love or do the wrong things.. I'm still the best Ally I can be. :3 Haha.. thanks for reading all that. c: -hugs-